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Wire magazine July-September 2015: Hope on the horizon?

, Index number: NWS 21/2010/2015

This magazine is packed with stories showing how protesting against injustice binds us together and changes lives, laws and government policies. Amnesty activists protested loudly across Europe after up to 1,200 refugees and migrants drowned in two shipwrecks in April. Catch up on what happened, and find out if the EU’s new plans will stop more Mediterranean tragedies. Right now, we want to prevent more women and girls facing the same situation as Lupe, who feared she would die after being denied an abortion in Ireland. And we are pushing Eritrea to free missing politician Aster Fissehatsion. Her son Ibrahim hasn’t heard from her since she was arrested in 2001. Take action – you’ll be helping to transform people’s lives and joining a global movement of millions who are changing the world, together.

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