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Amnesty International News, December 1994. Vol.24, No.12.

, Index number: NWS 21/012/1994

1. Algeria: Thousands brutally killed during state of emergency. 2. Yemen: Prisoners released. 3. Indonesia / East Timor: World spotlight turned on human rights violators. 4. Worldwide Appeals: Georgia (Victor Domukhovsky); Cuba (Marta Cabrera Vega); China (Pastor Zheng Yunsu, his four sons and members of the Jesus community). 5. Focus: Letters of hope. 6. Rwanda: Hundreds die in revenge killings by RPA soldiers. 7. USA: Delegation demands proper procedures for asylum-seekers at Guantanamo Bay. 8. Turkey: Istanbul march delivers petition calling for freedom of expression. 9. Bulgaria: Man dies in custody. 10. India: Three prisoners of conscience released. 11. Pakistan: Leader released from army detention.

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