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The Wire, December 2006. Vol. 36, No.11.

, Index number: NWS 21/011/2006

1) No better life for Haitians in Dominican Republic 2) New act threatens detainee rights 3) Domestic workers exploited and abused in Indonesia 4) School's out! Romani children discriminated against and excluded from education in Balkan countries 5) Central African Republic denies prisoners' rights 6) Worldwide Appeals: United Kingdom: Call for full public scrutiny; Viet Nam: Internet crackdown; USA: Kuwaiti detained in Guantánamo; Spain: Excessive use of force at Spanish/Moroccan border 7) Updates: Myanmar; China; Turkmenistan 8) Control Arms reap huge gains at UN 9) 'No easy task' Mohammad Ramizpoor tells AI about challenges facing human rights defenders in Afghanistan 10) Success for community activists in Zimbabwe 11) New AI primer highlights migrants' rights 12) When a shelter is the only option you have left

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