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The Wire, November 2005. Vol. 35, No. 10.

, Index number: NWS 21/010/2005

1) Oil and injustice in Nigeria 2) Caught in the crossfire 3) Brazil's juvenile prisons fail young people 4) Setback for juvenile justice system in Pakistan 5) AI raises alarm over child detainees in Burundi 6) China: human rights protester released from labour camp 7) Worldwide appeals: Libya: Detained without trail; USA: Tortured in US custody; Russian Federation: Two brothers 'disappear' in Chechnya; Cambodia: Parliamentarian imprisoned 8) Updates: Palestinian students released in Iraq; Prisoner of conscience released in Viet Nam; Libya frees prisoners of conscience; Mexico frees environmental activist 9) Solidarity in the Occupied Territories 10) Children in Kosovan camp risk death from lead poisoning 11) Human rights: 'one of the pillars of the United Nations 12) Freedom of expression under attack in Tunisia 13) AI hosts torture conference 14) Lighting the message of AI

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