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The Wire, October 2006. Vol. 36, No.9.

, Index number: NWS 21/009/2006

1) Government maligns Colombian activists 2) Will China honour its Olympic promises? 3) 3 October Focus on Africa - World Habitat Day 4) Thousands made homeless in Nigeria 5) Oil fuels evictions in Equatorial Guinea 6) No justice for victims of forced evictions in Zimbabwe 7) Worldwide appeals: United Arab Emirates: Human rights activists harassed; China: Prisoner of conscience sentenced; United Kingdom: Risk of torture if returned to Algeria; Violence flares in Sudan; Cluster bomb carnage in Lebanon; USA defends secret detention 8) Update: Guantánamo detainee released; Turkmenistan; Viet Nam; Australia scraps migration bill 9) 10 October The World Day against the Death Penalty 10) Activists say no to death penalty 11) Iran continues to execute children

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