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The Wire, November 2002. Vol. 32, No.9.

, Index number: NWS 21/009/2002

1.) Colombia: Town abandoned to it's fate; 2.) Russian Federation: Justice denied;3.) Afghanistan: An opportunity to help build a better furture; 4.) Iraq: Human rights in the balance; 5.) UK: Human rights violations in the UK after 11 September attacks; 6.) Worldwide Appeals: Ethipia: Oromo detainee 'disappears'; USA: Another child offender faces the death penalty; Belarus: paying the price of opposition;7.) Updates: Kuwait: Women granted pardon; China: First visit in four years; Malaysia: Prisoners of conscience still held despite winning appeal; 8.) Small arms proliferation leads to big crimes; 9.) End the death penalty worldwide; 10.) Sudan: eighty-eight sentenced to death; 11.) International law; 12.) USA: executes child offenders; 13.) Philippines: Suspends executions.

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