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Amnesty International News, July 1996. Vol.26, No.7.

, Index number: NWS 21/007/1996

1. Brazil: Human rights placed in the spotlight; 2. United States of America (Georgia): Olympic host state is fifth highest for executions; 3. Burundi: Death toll rises as armed attacks increase on all sides; 4. Italy: From police custody to hospital; 5. Focus: Egypt: The sacrifice of human rights; 6. Worldwide appeals: Syria: "Disappearance" of Miyassar Jamil al-Issawi; Maldives: Imprisonment of prisoner of conscience Mohammed Nasheed, a freelance journalist; Turkmenistan: Imprisonment of prisoners of conscience Mukhametkuli Aymuradov and Khoshali Garayev; 7. AI-Ghana's conference on female genital mutilation; 8. Kuwait: Four female prisoners of conscience amnestied; 9. Bulgaria: Police violence rife as lawlessness spreads; 10. News in brief - Bahrain: Execution of 'Issa Ahmad Qambar

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