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Amnesty International News, July 1994. Vol.24, No. 7.

, Index number: NWS 21/007/1994

1. Haiti: Shanty-town residents die in mass killings; 2. USA: Governor allows death penalty to be reinstated; 3. Spain: Prisoner hangs himself after beatings; 4. Iraq: Currency speculators executed in response to economic situation; 5. Nigeria: Security forces implicated in violent land disputes; 6. India: Visit to Bombay sheds light on police malpractice; 7. Brazil: Campaign to bring new hope; 8. Sudan: Journalists arrested during clampdown on newspapers; 9. Kuwait: Death sentences reduced to prison terms; 10. Russia: Commission investigates allegations of police brutality; 11. Lebanon: First executions for 11 years; 12. Worldwide appeals on cases in Libya, Kyrgystan and Bangladesh; 13. Focus on Rwanda and Burundi.

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