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The Wire, May 2007. Vol. 37, No. 4

, Index number: NWS 21/004/2007

1) Torture: Egypt's open secret 2) A legacy of sexual violence 3) 1 May - International Workers' Day: Trade unionists gunned down in Cambodia; Labour activists killed in Cambodia 4) 15 years with no justice for workers sacked in Bosnia and Herzegovina 5) Afghans still suffering at hands of ousted Taleban 6) Human rights defender killed as Somalia's conflict worsens 7) Worldwide Appeals: Zimbabwe: Systematic repression of trade unionists; Viet Nam: Farmers' union crushed; USA: Jailed for refusing to fight in Iraq 8) Updates: Iran; Morocco/Western Sahara, Ethiopia 9) Disregard for basic rights in Belarus 10) Oppressive conditions intensify at Guantánamo 11) Ensuring an effective European Court of Human Rights 12) Poverty is a violation of human dignity 13) Human rights monitors for Sri Lanka now! 14) AI calls for equal rights for domestic workers

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