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The Wire, April 2006. Vol. 36, No.3.

, Index number: NWS 21/003/2006

1) Forced evictions shatter lives in Zimbabwe 2) Civilians live in fear in southern Thailand 3) Sufi Muslim protesters attacked in Iran 4) Albanian police official admits 'women do not get access to justice': Albanian authorities, including police officers and prosecutors, fail to protect women from violence in the family 5) Iraq: Beyond Abu Ghraib 6) A victory for human rights protection 7) Worldwide Appeals: United Kingdom: Guantánamo detainees abandoned; Myanmar: Human rights defenders jailed for seeking redress; Mexico: Human rights defender's life at risk; Saudi Arabia: Fear of execution 8) Updates: Bahamas; USA; Maldives; China; Cuba 9) Police target lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in the USA 10) Trailblazing activism across the Philippines

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