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The Wire, April 2002. Vol. 32, No.3.

, Index number: NWS 21/003/2002

1.) Treaty bans child soldiers; 2.) Chechen refugees at risk in Russia; 3.) Nepal: Spiralling human rights crisis in Nepal; 4.) Haiti: Journalist's unsolved political murder casts a long shadow over Haiti; 5.) Detainees held in US military custody soon after their arrival at Camp X-ray, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, following their transfer from Afghanistan; 6.) Worldwide appeals: Malaysia, Prisoners of conscience held for a year without charge or trial; Algeria, Human rights activist given prison sentence; Greece, Alleged ill-treatment of a 16-year-old Rom 7.) Death penalty updates: Uzbekistan; USA; 8.) Israeli reservist and soldiers speak out against abuses; 9.) Mexican prisoner freed; 10.) State of emergency in Liberia curtails rights; 11.) "Whatever you think the impact of your work may be, it will be greater than you can imagine"; 12.) Shibarghan prison, northern Afghanistan, February 2002; 13.) AI march for women's rights.

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