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The Wire, February/March 2009. Vol. 39, issue 001

, Index number: NWS 21/001/2009

1) International Women's Day: Women make history 2) International Women's Day: 'I had to stay quiet…' Sexual violence during Haiti carnival 3) Livewire: Accounts from the Democratic Republic of Congo; Videos; At the Gaza border; Statement against discrimination 4) World Water Day: Palestinians face water supply crisis 5) Research spotlight: Roma at risk of being forced to return to Kosovo 6) Q&A: Jenni Williams 7) Action page: How to do it: Aerial art action beginners guide 8) War in Eastern Congo 9) Research spotlight: Stun weapon related deaths in the USA; Torture in southern Thailand continues; Guatemala's long road to justice 10) Did you know? Cambodians Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun released; Executions continue in Saudi Arabia; Barack Obama takes positive human rights step; UN strengthens last year's call to end executions 11) Worldwide Appeals: Syria: Retry or release; Eritrea: Religious leader persecuted; Armenia: Discrimination in domestic violence case; Myanmar: Comedian silenced with 59-year sentence; Venezuela: No justice for rape survivor

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