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The Wire, February 2004. Vol. 34, No.1.

, Index number: NWS 21/001/2004

1) Stop executing children 2) North Koreans denied their right to food 3) Liberian civilians still vulnerable as peace remains fragile 4) German police ill-treat detainees 5) Singapore's hidden executions 6) Worldwide Appeals: USA More internationally illegal executions set; Pakistan Child offender to be executed; Lebanon; Executions resume; Sudan Two children from Darfur face execution 7) Update: USA Compensation for family of executed child offender; Awards for human rights defenders 8) Many killed in western Sudan's turmoil 9) Many killed in western Sudan's turmoil 10) The Pain Merchants. Police and law enforcement officers across the world are misusing 'security' equipment to torture and ill-treat people. 11) Worldwide Appeal updates

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