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Yemen: The Rule of Law Sidelined in the Name of Security

, Index number: MDE 31/006/2003

After the 11th September 2001 attacks on the US - which Amnesty International condemned unreservedly - security forces in Yemen embarked on mass arrests, detention and deportations of foreign nationals with total disregard for the rule of law and Yemen's international human rights obligations. Those targeted for arrest were people suspected of having connection with Afghanistan, religious activists, students in religious schools, and foreign nationals, including women and children. The arrests were carried out without the judicial supervision required by law and those detained were invariably subjected to lengthy incommunicado detention and interrogation, during which some claimed that they were tortured or ill-treated. Government officials, while recognizing that they were in breach of their own laws and international human rights obligations have told Amnesty International that they had to do so to "fight terrorism" and avert the risk of military action against Yemen by the US Government. In this report Amnesty International calls on the Yemeni Government to take immediate steps to ensure that international human rights standards are strictly observed. It also calls on the US Government to ensure that its military and security cooperation with Yemen does not compromise respect and protection of human rights.

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