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Yemen: Unlawful detention and unfair trials of members of the former National Democratic Front

, Index number: MDE 31/004/1993

At least 23, and possibly as many as 41, members of the former National Democratic Front, NDF, are currently in detention. At least one, Mansur Rajih, is a prisoner of conscience. The others are held despite having been tried and acquitted, or after trials which were unfair. Many defendants were denied access to legal counsel, some were tried in absentia, although they were in custody at the time, and others were convicted solely on the basis of confessions extracted under torture. At least 15 are believed to be under sentence of death. Most were held incommunicado after their arrest for up to three years and some were severely tortured to make confessions. Several died in custody. Case examples are given and an appendix gives the names and details of the 23 in detention.

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