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Tunisia: Further information on fear of unfair trial / prisoner of conscience / incommunicado detention / fear of ill-treatment: Mohamed Kilani

, Index number: MDE 30/028/1995

Mohamed Kilani was released by presidential pardon on 6 November 1995.

EXTERNAL AI Index: MDE 30/28/95
10 November 1995
Further information (5) on EXTRA 12/95 (MDE 30/03/95, 6 February 1995) and
follow-ups (MDE 30/06/95, 23 February; MDE 30/12/95, 9 May; MDE 30/22/95, 19
October 1995 and MDE 30/25/95, 2 November) - Fear of Unfair Trial / Prisoner
of Conscience / Incommunicado detention / Fear of ill-treatment
Mohamed Kilani, a leading figure of the illegal Parti communiste des ouvriers
tunisiens (PCOT), Tunisian Workers' Communist Party, was released by
presidential pardon on 6 November 1995, on the occasion of the eighth anniversary
of President Zine el Abidine Ben Ali's coming to power. He had been arrested
in January 1995 and was serving a seven-year prison sentence.
Amnesty International welcomes his release, which the organization had sought
since his arrest, including in thousands of appeals from the Urgent Action
Network. Mohamed Kilani has expressed appreciation for Amnesty
International's action on his behalf.
No further action by the Urgent Action Network is requested.

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