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Further information on UA 69/94 (MDE 30/06/94, 22 February; and follow-ups MDE 30/07/94, 1 March; MDE 30/09/94, 11 March; MDE 30/10/94, 18 March; MDE 30/12/94, 8 April; MDE 30/14/94, 11 May, MDE 30/19/94, 29 June and MDE 30 23/94, 12 December) - Tunisia:

, Index number: MDE 30/025/1994

Hamma Hammami's family and lawyer were allowed to see him on 15 December 1994, after being denied access for nine days. His whereabouts remained unknown until 14 December, when his family and lawyer learned that he had been transferred on 9 December to Mahdia Prison. He was placed in isolation in a punishment cell there. He is reportedly still on hunger-strike. Hamma Hammami suffers from heart and kidney conditions and requires special medical care.

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