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UA 332/92 - Tunisia: incommunicado detention / fear of torture: Abderrazak Hamzaoui

, Index number: MDE 30/025/1992

AI is concerned about a Tunisian student who has been in incommunicado detention since his arrest on 19 October 1992. Abderrazak Hamzaoui, a student in computer programming at the University of Tunis, was arrested in the Ben Arous district of Tunis, near the hostel where he was staying. His brother had been arrested on 16 September, charged with supporting the illegal Islamic party Hizb al-Nahda. The arrest of Abderrazak Hamzaoui is thought to be related to the repression of suspected supporters of al- Nahda. AI is concerned about his health, as he reportedly suffered osteomyeletis as a child, leaving him with weakened bones in his left leg.

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