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Tunisia: Further information on health concern / possible prisoner of conscience: Najib El Baccouchi

, Index number: MDE 30/016/1995

Najib El Baccouchi has reportedly stopped his hunger strike. He has not suffered any ill health as a result. He has now been transferred to Gafsa Prison further south in the country.

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: MDE 30/16/95
Distr: UA/SC
21 June 1995
Further information on UA 108/95 (MDE 30/11/95, 9 May 1995) - Health concern
/ Possible prisoner of conscience
TUNISIANajib El Baccouchi, member of the Union Générale des Etudiants Tunisiens,
UGET, General Union of Tunisian Students
Amnesty International has learned that Najib El Baccouchi stopped his
hunger-strike, which he had begun on 22 April 1995, in early May. He is not
reported to be suffering any ill-health as a consequence of his hunger-strike.
He has now been transferred to Gafsa Prison further south in the country, making
it difficult for his family to visit him.
Amnesty International deplores the fact that Najib El Baccouchi was subjected
to cruel and degrading treatment as punishment for having gone on hunger-strike,
and remains concerned that he may be a prisoner of conscience.
The organization continues to monitor Najib El Baccouchi's situation, but at
present no further action by the Urgent Action Network is requested. Thank
you to all who sent appeals.

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