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Tunisia: Further information on fear of torture/ill-treatment

, Index number: MDE 30/012/1998

Qais OUISLATI, Noureddine BENTICHA, Ali JALLOULI, Lotfi HAMMAMMI, Taha SASSI, Jalal BOURAOUI, Chedli HAMMAMMI, Rachid TRABELSI, Bourham GASMI, Haikal MANNAL, Ridha OUISLATI, Habib HASNI, Hinda AAROUI (F), Imen DEROUICHE (F), Najib BACCOUCHI, Hamma HAMMAMMI, husband of Radhia NASRAOUI, Abdelmajid SAHRAOUI, Fahem BOUKADDOUS, Radhia NASRAOUI, Lawyer representing the above and Afef BEN ROUINA (F) have been arrested in connection with student protests, held in secret detention and reportedly tortured. Afef Ben Rouina was arrested on 24th April and it is feared that like the others she may be at risk of torture or ill-treatment.

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