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Tunisia: Further information on fear of torture / ill-treatment / fear of further possible arrests / prisoners of conscience

, Index number: MDE 30/010/1998

Qais Ouislati, Noureddine Benticha, Ali Jallouli, Lotfi Hammami, Taha Sassi, Sabri Ben Belgacem and new names: Jalal Bouraqui, Jalloul Ouislati, Chedli Hammami, all university students except Chedli Hammami; new names: Hinda Aaroui (f), Imen Derouiche (f), Najib Baccouchi, Hamma Hammami, husband of Radhia Nasraoui, Abdelmajid Sahraoui, Fahem Boukaddous, Radhia Nasraoui, lawyer representing the above: Two women, Hinda Aaroui and Imen Derouiche, and one man, Najib Baccouchi, a former POC, have also been arrested in connection with the February student strikes. All 15 of the above-named detainees have now been brought before the examining magistrate, charged and transferred to prison. Four people (Hamma Hammami, Abdelmajid Sahraoui, Fahem Boukaddous and Radhia Nasraoui) were charged in absentia. Hamma Hammami, Abdelmajid Sahraoui and Fahem Boukaddous are all former prisoners of conscience and are being sought by the police. Radhia Nasraoui, a well-known human rights lawyer acting on behalf of those charged, is currently out of the country attending a trial observation. AI considers the 15 above-mentioned detainees to be prisoners of conscience.

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