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Further information on UA 69/94 (MDE 30/06/94, 22 February) - Tunisia: health concern / torture: Hamma Hammami

, Index number: MDE 30/007/1994

There remains concern for the health of Hamma Hammami who was arrested on 14 February 1994 and subsequently tortured and ill-treated. He has still not received a medical examination following his alleged torture. His family have not been allowed to provide him with the necessary medication for his heart condition and kidney stones, and he is still being held in overcrowded and insanitary conditions in Sousse prison. He faces a further trial, in absentia, in the Gabes Court on 17 March 1994 for being a member of an illegal party and attending unauthorized meetings, and distributing leaflets of the PCOT, the Tunisian Workers' Communist Party.

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