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Shadow of impunity: Torture in Morocco and Western Sahara: Executive summary

, Index number: MDE 29/1491/2015

Moroccan legislation outlaws torture and the authorities have repeatedly promised to eradicate it, yet existing safeguards in police custody and courts are routinely flouted and accountability remains elusive. Courts often fail to act when first confronted with signs of torture, reinforcing the climate of impunity. In the cases where courts grant medical examinations, these are often sub-standard. Torturers are given further incentives for their crimes when coerced “confessions” are used to secure convictions. Meanwhile, the authorities have started to prosecute some people who dared to report torture or lodged complaints about torture in foreign courts. This report contains numerous disturbing testimonies from survivors of torture and other ill-treatment. Amnesty International is calling on Morocco’s authorities to use the current judicial reform process to strengthen anti-torture safeguards and ensure that torturers are held to account.

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