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Morocco and Western Sahara: Further information on fear of torture / unfair trial and new concern: detention of prisoners of conscience beyond expiry of sentence

, Index number: MDE 29/011/1996

Ahmed El Kouri, Nebt Ramdane Bouchraya, Arbi Brahim Baba, Cheykhatou Bouh, M'Rabih Rabou Neysan, Abdel'hay Kekhal, Mahfoud Brahim Dahou, Salama Ahmed Lembarki: The eight prisoners of conscience named above remain in detention nearly three months after the expiry of their prison sentences. They are reportedly being held in Sale Prison in Rabat. They were arrested on 11 May 1995 following a peaceful demonstration in Laayoune in support of the Polisario Front. After having allegedly been tortured in pre-trial detention, they were convicted of threatening the external security and territorial integrity of the country.

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