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Morocco: Prisoners of conscience / health concern / ill-treatment

, Index number: MDE 29/004/1997

Mostafa Fajli, Ahmed el-Amali, Bennacer Limori, Mohamed Errahdaoui, Mahjoub el-Manouari, Boushmain Abdelhafid, Mohamed Jabrani, Ahmed Oubanmoussa, Hamid Khili, Mohamed Benayad, Fouad Bekkane, Kacem el-Ghazi, Abdelkarim Larko, Oubiz Taibi, Aziz Bahjaoui, Abdelkrim Dardar, Mostafa Mezdi, Mohamed Kadouri and more than 100 others: More than 120 supporters of the Parti de l'Avant-garde Democratique Socialiste (PADS), were arrested between 3 and 10 June 1997 following the call by PADS to boycott the forthcoming municipal elections. Eighteen of them, named above, have been on hunger-strike since 4 June, in protest at their imprisonment. Amnesty International considers all those detained for having called for the boycott without having used or advocated violence, to be prisoners of conscience, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

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