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Algeria: Death penalty: Abdelkader Halouane, Mustapha Rahmouni, Sadok Boukeddache, Mohamed Berbar

, Index number: MDE 28/007/1995

AI has learned that Abdelkader Halouane, Mustapha Tahmouni and Sadok Boukeddache were sentenced to death on 18 July 1995 on charges of murder and other "terrorist activities" on behalf of armed groups. AI is concerned that their trial did not meet international standards for fair trial and that allegations that they had been tortured during illegally prolonged incommunicado detention were not investigated by the court. Mohamed Berbar was sentenced to death on 23 July 1995 by the court in Tizi Ouzou on charges of "terrorist" activities on behalf of an armed group; he was acquitted of charges of murder.

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