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Algeria: Arrests / prosecution / police intimidation / fear for safety / fear of further detentions of the relatives of the "disappeared"

, Index number: MDE 28/004/2000

Amnesty International is very concerned that a peaceful demonstration of mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and other relatives of the "disappeared", which is held weekly in Oran, Western Algeria, was violently broken up by police on 22 March 2000 with the arrests of at least 15 women. All the women had been released by the next morning except for Fatima 'Ime who is still detained at the central police station in Oran. Fatima Ben Mousa, Rahmouna Bourahla, Faouzia Guene and Badra Leban, were detained until the morning of 23 March, made to sign police statements, and told to report back to the police station in Oran on 25 March. It is expected that they and Fatima 'Ime will be charged with participating in an unauthorized demonstration.

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