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Syria: Appeal Case: Torture, ill-treatment and unfair trials of the Darya activists

, Index number: MDE 24/056/2004

In this case sheet, Amnesty International expresses its concern that Haythem Muhammed Yasin al-Hamwi, Muhammed Khaled Shehada, Yahya Taha Sharabajee and Mu'atez Muhammed Zuheyr Murad have been imprisoned, following grossly unfair trials, for their peaceful activities. The document urges a call for their immediate and unconditional release as prisoners of conscience held solely for the peaceful expression of their non-violent beliefs; it also expresses concerns about reports that they have been tortured and ill-treated in custody and that three of the men have only been allowed only one visit since May 2003, while one has received no visits at all.

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