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Syria: Further information on Fear of torture / incommunicado detention/ prisoners of conscience

, Index number: MDE 24/029/2006

A further two young men, 'Omar 'Ali al-'Abdullah and Diab Sirieyeh, were arrested on 18 March 2006 by Air Force Intelligence officers in al-Asad, a suburb of the capital, Damascus. Since then, they have been held in incommunicado detention at the Air Force Intelligence Branch in the town of Harasta, near Damascus, and are at risk of torture or ill-treatment. The arrests appear to be connected to their pro-democracy activities. The six men previously arrested and also held incommunicado are 'Ali Nizar 'Ali, (m), aged 21, student; Husam 'Ali Mulhim, (m), aged 21, student; Tarek Ghorani, (m), student; Maher Ibrahim (m), also known as Maher Isbir, aged around 25, shop owner; Ayham Saqr (m), aged around 30, works in a beauty salon and 'Alam Fakhour (m), aged around 26.

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