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Syria: Further information on Incommunicado detention/detention without charge/fear of torture or ill-treatment.

, Index number: MDE 24/025/2003

The following Syrian Kurds Mohammed Mustafa (m), Khaled Ahmed 'Ali (m), Sherif Ramadhan (m), 'Amr Mourad (m), Salar Saleh (m), Hosam Muhammed Amin (m), Hussayn Ramadhan (m) and Mas’oud Hamid (m) have been moved to the political wing of ‘Adra Prison, near the capital Damascus, where they are being held in solitary confinement in cruel and inhumane conditions. Prior to their move, the men were reportedly tortured for 23 days at the security branch of Mezze police station in Damascus. There are concerns for their health, which is reportedly deteriorating.

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