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Further information on UA 292/93 (MDE 24/07/93, 26 August) - Syria: fear of torture / legal concern: Hassiba 'Abd al-Rahman (released), Asia Mahmud (released), Khadija Dib, Fadwa Mahmud, Tuhama Ma'ruf, Doha 'Ashur al-'Askari; and new names: Filya 'Abbas,

, Index number: MDE 24/010/1993

Hassiba 'Abd al-Rahman and Asia Mahmud were released at the end of November 1993, but there is continued concern that six other women, one with a young baby, remain in detention. Two of the women, Filya 'Abbas and Raghda Hassan, are being held incommunicado, and may be at risk of torture. They were reportedly arrested at the end of November by members of al-Mukhabarat al-'Askariyya, Military Intelligence, in Damascus.

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