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Syria: Further information on forgotten victims: Health professionals imprisoned in 1980

, Index number: MDE 24/007/1995

In June 1995 AI issued information on the arrest of over 100 health professionals in 1980 following a strike called by the professional associations in April of that year. It was believed that many of those arrested could still be in prison without charge or trial. AI has now received a letter from the Syrian Embassy in London stating that the authorities in Damascus have forwarded a list of individuals who had been the subject of AI appeals and who were in fact released. The list included 18 of the health professionals arrested in connection with the 1980 strike. A total of 48 people were named in the letter as having been released. No specific reference was made to the mass arrests in 1980 and no information was given on any of the other health professionals whose names appeared in the June 1995 action.

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