Further information on UA 167/94 (MDE 24/06/94, 28 April) – Syria: incommunicado detention / fear of torture: Fadi Munir Jadid, Usama Munir Jadid, Nidal Mahmud Jadid, Salah Mahmud Jadid, Ghassan Fuad Jadid, Saddiq Riad Jadid, Yassir Riad Jadid, ‘Ammar ‘Ab

Index Number: MDE 24/007/1994

On 20 June the London Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic wrote to Amnesty International in reply to appeals from the UA Network on behalf of the 11 people named above. It states that no one was arrested because of their relationship to the Salah Jadid. While welcoming the Embassy’s communication, there remains concern that the 11 detainees are still being held in incommunicado detention at an unknown location, and have been held in this way for almost 11 months. The Embassy’s letter failes to give any information as to the reasons for their detention or their legal status.

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