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Follow up to medical letter writing action (see MDE 24/29/92, 7 December; MDE 24/04/93, 26 May and MDE 24/05/93, 10 August) - Syria: Salah Jadid and others

, Index number: MDE 24/006/1993

Salah Jadid died suddenly on 19 August 1993 in al-Mezze Prison, Damascus, after almost 23 years of detention without charge or trial. The officially recorded cause of death has been given as "septic shock, acute kidney failure and a sharp drop in blood pressure", but no information has been made available about what led to this. His death is the third among this group of prisoners - former government and Ba'th Party officials - within the last nine months. Two others, Dr Nour al-Din al-Atassi and Muhammad Rabah al-Tawil, both died within months of their release in August 1992. Seven others remain in detention as prisoners of conscience, all are said to be in poor health. They include Muhammad 'Id 'Ashawi who is reportedly suffering from anaemia, rheumatism and a gastric ulcer.

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