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Further information on medical letter writing action (see MDE 24/04/93, 26 May) - Syria: Kamel Hussain, Aktham Nu'aysa and others

, Index number: MDE 24/005/1993

Kamel Hussain and four others, Marwan Habache, Muhammad Sa'id Talib, Mejalli Nasrawin and Hassan al-Khatib were released at the end of June 1993 after 22 years' imprisonment. Eight others arrested at the same time are still in detention: Muhammad 'Id 'Ashawi, Salah Jadid, Dafi Jam'ani, 'Abd al-Hamid Miqdad, Hadithe Murade, 'Adel Na'issa, Fawzi Rida and Mustafa Rustum. Aktham Nu'aysa, who was arrested in January 1992 and sentenced to nine years' imprisonment, is now receiving hospital treatment. Those arrested with him were Nizar Nayyuf, 'Afif Muzhir, Muhammad 'Ali Habib, Bassam al-Shaykh, Thabit Murad, Hassan 'Ali, Hussam Salama, Jadi' Nawfal and Ya'qub Musa. Amnesty International is continuing to call for the release of those in both groups still in detention

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