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Saudi Arabia: Further information on: risk of execution / legal and torture concern

, Index number: MDE 23/006/1996

'Abd al-'Aziz Naser al-Mi'tham, businessman, aged 24, Riyad Suleyman Is-Haq al-Hajri, aged 24, Muslih Ali 'A'idh al-Shamrani, former state employee, aged 28, Khalid Ahmad Ibrahim al-Sa'id, businessman, aged 24 and possibly others: AI is outraged by the execution of the above four men in Riyadh on 31 May 1996. The organization considers their executions to have been summary and arbitrary and a flagrant violation of international human rights standards. They had been shown on television "confessing" to having carried out the bombing of the Saudi Arabian National Guard Centre after having been held in incommunicado detention.

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