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Saudi Arabia: Further information on alarming increase in number of executions

, Index number: MDE 23/003/1995

Sali Id Farah Yacqub, Muhammad Nur Muhammad, Umar 'Abd al-Rahman Ahmed, Muhammad Abdullah Umar, Muhammad 'Abd al-Qadir Shaykh, Umar Yusuf Tahir (all new names); Muhammad Jamal 'Ali, 'Abd al-Qadir Muhammad Muqtar, Faqay Haji Cusman, Muhammad Abu 'Abd al-Qadir Ade, 'Abd al-'Aziz Muhammad Isse (Somali nationals): AI has learned that the first six Somali nationals named above were beheaded in Jeddah on 31 May 1995. They had been accused of murder, theft and drug taking. AI is dismayed by news of these executions and is concerned that death sentences in Saudi Arabia are imposed after trials which do not comply with internationally agreed standards capital cases. AI remains concerned about the other five Somalis named in this action, particularly 'Abd al-'Aziz Muhammad Isse. He was convicted of a crime said to have occurred before he arrived in Saudi Arabia.

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