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Libya: Further information on fear of execution: Col Miftah Qarrum al-Wirfali, Lt-Col Daw al-Salihin al-Jidiq, Lt-Col 'Abdallah al-Waa'ir, Major Ramadhan al-'Ayhuri, Major Khalil Salam al-Jidiq, Sa'ad Misbah al-Zubaydi,Major Miftaf Bahr, Lt-Col Shtiwi Mif

, Index number: MDE 19/003/1995

AI has received reports that the nine people named above may be at imminent risk of execution. According to these reports, at the end of August 1995 members of the Revolutionary Committees held a meeting at Bani Walid, eastern Libya, during which the population was reportedly forced to attend and to sign a petition calling for the execution of the nine people named above, most of whom are from Bani Walid. It is not known whether the nine have been tried or not and their whereabouts remain unknown.

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