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Further information on UA 68/94 (MDE 18/01/94, 22 February) - Lebanon: torture / fear of torture / health concern and new concern: unfair trial: Georges Habib Haddad, Magi 'Aql Karam, Sharbel Dib Dib, Janette Amin Haddad, Joseph Pierre al-Anjam, Pierre Ta

, Index number: MDE 18/009/1994

There have been reports that, in addition to Georges Haddad, the people named above were tortured during detention in the Ministry of Defence in Beirut. Gabi 'Aql Karam was also reportedly tortured in Syria where he was taken after arrest before being returned to Lebanon. There is concern that no attempt has been made to investigate these allegations, and that statements made under coercion may be used as evidence in their trial which continues on 9 July. Some of the defendants were charged on 15 February 1994 under Article 235 of the Penal Code which carries the death penalty. A letter from the Minister of Justice regarding the ill-treatment is attached.

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