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UA 68/94 - Lebanon: torture / fear of torture / health concern: Georges Habib Haddad, Maghi 'Aql Karam, Sharbel Dib Dib, Janet Amin Haddad, Joseph Pierre al-Anjam, Pierre Tawfiq Makarzel, Muhammad Yasin Saqr, Raymond Jean al-Hayek, Muhammad Shihab Jaber,

, Index number: MDE 18/001/1994

There is concern at allegations that Georges Habib Haddad was tortured during detention in the Ministry of Defence in Beirut, and that the other 11 people named above may be in detention and at risk of similar treatment. There is also concern that Georges Haddad is not receiving adequate medical treatment for his injuries, which include a broken arm. He was arbitrarily arrested on 23 December 1993 at his workplace in the Ministry of Housing, reportedly by armed men. After being held at the Ministry of Defence for 37 days, mostly in solitary confinement, he was then transferred to Roumieh Prison, where he is currently held incommunicado. His name appeared in a newspaper report on 29 January which stated that 12 Lebanese had been charged with contacting and collaboration with the Israelis.

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