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Further information on UA 192/93 (MDE 17/05/93, 15 June) - Kuwait: death penalty: 'Imad al-Din Mahmud Nimr, Muhammad 'Ali Ahmad Daifallah, Basil 'Ali Ahmad Daifallah, Akram Shaker Ahmad, Al-Mu'taz Billah Muhammad Saleh, Muntasir Muhammad Saleh, Hussain Ra

, Index number: MDE 17/011/1993

The cases of those named above will be reviewed by the Court of Cassation on 20 December 1993. They were sentenced to death on 12 June, convicted of "collaboration" with invading Iraqi forces during the occupation of Kuwait. If convicted, their last hope of clemency would rest with the Amir of Kuwait. All are Jordanian nationals.

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