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Jordan: Further information on death penalty: Abdullah Hashaikeh, Isma'il al-'Amayra, Zakharia Qassem, Muhammad 'Ali 'Issa, Muhammad Ahmad al-'Atharba, Suleiman 'Abd al-'Aal, Samir Taylakh, Yassin Zahra, Muhammad Ahmad al-Harithi, Omani national, sentence

, Index number: MDE 16/004/1995

On 19 July 1995, the State Security Court issued its verdict in the review of the "Arab Afghan" case. Hamed Jamal Khalifa, a Saudi national, was acquitted due to insufficient evidence but the other ten death sentences were confirmed. These sentences will automatically be reviewed once more by the Court of Cassation. AI does not condone crimes of violence; however it opposes the death penalty in all cases and is callig on the King of Jordan to commute the death sentences, should they be upheld by the Court of Cassation.

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