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UA 276/93 - Jordan: legal concern / fear of torture: Basel al-Zaghlul, 'Askar Muharmeh, Ziyad 'Abd al-Lat, Husayn al-Jidi, Fu'ad Shrifat, Sulayman al-Zuyud, Muhammad 'Awdeh, and one other

, Index number: MDE 16/004/1993

There is concern at the prolonged incommunicado detention of the above eight men who were arrested on 20 April 1993 and at recent reports reports that some of them may have been tortured while in custody. The men, at least six of whom appear to be students at Mu'tah Military University, are alleged to be members of the illegal Liberation Party in Jordan (LPJ), and to have participated in a plot to assassinate King Hussein of Jordan. Family members of at least four of the detainees have alleged that their relatives were tortured while held in the General Intelligence Department (GID) in Amman. They are currently held in Zarqa military prison. Reports indicate that they will appear before the State Security Court shortly, possibly on 20 August.

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