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Jordan: Executions / fear of further executions: executed: Hani 'Abd a-Rahim, Yusef Mashale', Amin Huwimel, Nimer Rawahneh, Ra'ed Ausheibat; sentences under review: Khader Jaber, Mubarak Suleiman Mubarak, Khaled 'Isa Fahum, Yusef 'Ayed Smadi, 'Imad 'Ayed

, Index number: MDE 16/003/1995

The first five men named above were executed by hanging in Swaqa Prison at dawn on 6 July 1995. They had been sentenced to death in two separate trials for rape and murder. The other men named above, sentenced to death for murder, are waiting for their sentences to be reviewed by the Court of Cassation. If upheld, they must be ratified by the King before being carried out. AI is appealing for the sentences to be commuted.

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