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Summary of Amnesty International's concerns in Jordan

, Index number: MDE 16/002/1991

Despite promised reforms, there appear to have been no significant changes in the human rights situation in Jordan since the publication of the report "Jordan: Human rights protection after the state of emergency" (MDE 16/02/90) in June 1990. The state of emergency remains in force, as do other laws, e.g. the Law on Resistance to Communism. Political suspects continue to be held in administrative detention and allegations of torture and ill-treatment of detainees held in prolonged incommunicado detention persist. Civilian cases are still heard by the Martial Law Court; this court also hears drug-related cases, which may incur the death penalty. Six people have been executed so far in 1991. The release of 7 prisoners is noted and the National Charter is commented upon.

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