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Israel and the Occupied Territories including the areas under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority: Trial at midnight: secret, summary, unfair trials in Gaza

, Index number: MDE 15/015/1995

The State Security Court in Gaza, established by the Palestinian Authority, began trying cases in April 1995 of people accused of security offences such as transporting explosives, recruiting suicide bombers or weapons training without a permit. Defendants have been members of Palestinian political groups opposed to policies of the Israeli and Palestinian authorities and to the peace process in particular. Most were reportedly supporters of Hamas or Islamic Jihad. By 27 May 1995, at least 33 people had been tried by this court. Most were convicted, with sentences ranging up to 25 years' imprisonment. In this report, AI outlines its concerns about trials in this court, which AI believes to be grossly unfair and in violation of minimum requirements of international law.

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