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Israel and the Occupied Territories: David Ish Shalom - prisoner of conscience

, Index number: MDE 15/014/1992

David Ish Shalom is serving a 7-month sentence in Ma'ashiyahu Prison. He was convicted under a 1986 amendment to the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance, which forbids unauthorized contacts between Israelis and members of organizations officially designated "terrorist". He was charged with having met members of the PLO and its al-Fatah faction in Cyprus and Greece in February 1988; he was also accused of participating in a conference with PLO representatives in Budapest in June 1987 and of meeting PLO representatives in Geneva in September 1987. David Ish Shalom did not deny these meetings but claimed that, at the time of the meetings, the PLO and al-Fatah were not terrorist organisations as defined by the 1986 Ordinance. AI is calling for his immediate and unconditional release.

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