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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Killings by Israeli forces: an upsurge in 1993 - cases for appeals

, Index number: MDE 15/008/1993

In May 1993, following an upsurge in killings since December 1992, an Amnesty International delegation visited the Occupied Gaza Strip. They looked into a number of cases, including four cases featured here of children shot by soldiers where the victim was not involved in any violent activity. Rana Abu Tuyur, aged 11, from Khan Yunes, was shot as she went out for milk after the lifting of a curfew. Ra'edah 'Umar 'Abed Rabbo al- Qarra, aged 13, was shot while she was playing with her brother in the courtyard of her home in Bani Suhayla. Maher Na'im 'Umar al-Maja'idah, aged 8, was shot while walking in al-Bahr street in Khan Yunes, a few days before the feast of 'Id al-'Adha. Fares Muhammad Rasmi al-Kurdi, aged 20 months, was shot while with his father in Jabalia Refugee Camp

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