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Israel and the Occupied Territories: Surviving under siege: The impact of movement restrictions on the right to work

, Index number: MDE 15/001/2003

This report analyses the impact of movement restrictions on the right to work of Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. It contends that the widespread and prolonged closures, curfews and other restrictions on movement currently imposed cannot be justified on security grounds, discriminate against Palestinians, and are often used as a form of collective punishment in reprisal for attacks committed by Palestinian armed groups. Amnesty International recommends that the Israeli government lift the restrictions on movement that constitute collective punishment and makes every effort to enable as normal a life as possible for the inhabitants of the Occupied Territories. It calls for the evacuation of Israeli settlers from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, on the grounds that their residence in the Occupied Territories violates international law and that measures purportedly taken to protect the security and freedom of movement of Israeli settlers inflict serious and discriminatory human rights abuses against Palestinians.

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