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Iraq: Further information on "Disappearance"/ Fear of torture or ill-treatment: Nazim Mohammad Isma'il al-'Ani (m), and 15 other men

, Index number: MDE 14/015/2006

One of the men (Nayif Sa'eed Hameed Al-Duri, Thamin Sa'eed Hameed Al-Duri, Sa'doon Sa'eed Hameed Al-Duri, Nazim Sa'eed Hameed Al-Duri, Amir Mohammed Salih Al-Duri, Turki 'Atia Jabri Al-Jibouri, Faruq Sabbah Mohammed Hassan Al-Karaghali, Mohammed Sabbah Mohammed Hassan Al-Karaghali, Mostafa Sabbah Mohammed Hassan Al-Karaghali, Talib Juda Jabir, Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim, Riyadh Jassim Mohammed Al-Sa'dooon, Ehab Riyadh Jassim Al-Sa'doon, Killed: Firas Naji 'Abid Mikhlaf) arrested with Nazim Mohammad Isma'il al-'Ani has reportedly been found dead, apparently as a result of torture. The others in custody are clearly in grave danger of torture or summary execution. All are said to be Sunni Muslims, and there are reports that they were arrested because they had been accused of being members of anti-government armed groups.

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